Animal Rescue Project + broncolor

Orlando-based photographer, Cristian Ruben, recently co-founded Animal Rescue Project, a foundation to serve animals in need and tell their story with photographs. Utilizing broncolor lighting, Cristian works to increase rescue awareness through photographs and documents the efforts of those who bring joy and comfort to creatures in need.

Discovering the PNW with broncolor and Raincamp

Dylan Furst and Rob Sese of Raincamp explore the forest in the Pacific Northwest and create enchanting images using broncolor lighting in this blogpost. Watch as a simple forest walk turns into something of fantasy.

Night Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

It’s been a longtime dream for photographer Catherine Aeppel to shoot nighttime kiteboarding in crisp, turquoise waters – a stunning setting to capture athletes in their element, tearing up the clear, calm water as the droplets spraying from the back of their boards are dynamically frozen in time. With some key broncolor tools she was able to bring this dream to life.

The People of Brooklyn

Overcoming fear and photographing the notoriously impatient strangers on the streets of New York; street photographer Phil Vukelich sheds a unique light on the people of Brooklyn, NY with the Move 1200L power pack.