Elias Wessel Creates A Wonderland for Lydia Hearst

I was lucky enough to steal a couple minutes of Elias Wessel’s time this past week over a cup of coffee in Midtown.  It had been a couple weeks and I wanted to see the images from his recent project.

“We just created a color exploding dreamy rainbow-like eye candy of grandiose surrealism with supermodel Lydia Hearst. A cover story for Norway’s most glamorous art- music- and fashion magazine Vixen. The story was shot in a penthouse of the breathtaking Ansonia building on the upper west side in New York. It was a perfect fairytale atmosphere in one of the towers of the building. Cherry blossoms, huge rounded windows facing Broadway and we had 10 super-excited black cats and a lot of gear all over the place. My shoots are all about creating a mood I want to breathe into my photographs and that only works when everyone on set absolutely feels what we do. We all felt as if we were on a rainbow in a modern Hansel and Gretel witch house surrounded by pink cotton candy clouds after a never-ending party-night where nobody came. So obviously we created a very twisted story inspired by the glamor of the movie “Stepford Wifes”, combined this with a lot of personal and religious elements and let the absolutely adorable Lydia come alive in this wonderland.”

Elias Wessel-Vixen Cover-Motion-RETV Spring 2010-Behind the scenes from RETV from Resource Magazine on Vimeo.