Lindsay Adler’s “Red of the Dragon”

Photograph courtesy of Lindsay Adler

There’s something amazing about the color red –

Whether it’s red nail polish, fire, the waxy strata of an apple, or blood, the color red evokes in us an anger or aggression; it is a connotation of guilt and passion that dates back centuries ago.

In photography, red is an extremely powerful color. It can tell a story, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Photographers often use a single color to show their own personal creative expression and to conjure certain emotions.

Professional fashion and portrait photographer Lindsay Adler’s fashion spread “Red of the Dragon” had that particular theme in mind when shooting for Papercut Magazine’s issue “Rediculous.”  Not ironically, 2012 is also the year of the dragon (and next week is Valentines Day) and the color red is an important symbol. The entire magazine features red-clad photos of carmine and crimson-colored boyfriend blazers, steamy backdrops and smeared lipstick.

Photograph courtesy of Lindsay Adler

Nonetheless, Adler’s not new to the color red.  Another photo of hers features a model in white garb with vibrant, red hair as the photo’s standout feature. The color red says a lot about her photos: the viewer is fascinated with the model’s milky skin, the leafy landscape and of course the enchanting fashion.  The photos allude to lust, love and mystic romanticism. “Red of the Dragon,” as a title, is a perfect pairing.

Photograph courtesy of Lindsay Adler

Using only natural light, a Sunbounce Sun-Swatter for diffusion, and a Sunbounce Pro reflector, she was able to create the photographs. A yellow-leafy background was used as a backdrop (easier to change to red in post-production).


Lindsay Adler Photography

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Shoot-NYC Recap

Shoot-NYC has become know as the event to attend during the busy October photo season in the city. Only in its third year, the event continues to grow hosting three times the numbers from the previous year.
Shoot-NYC is based on the premise of educating the photographic community, raising the technical level of photographers, so that they have a greater resource for creating and fulfilling imaging needs. The business seminars expand photographers’ knowledge, increasing efficiency and profitability. The event is an open forum for the attendees, fostering one-on-on conversations and growing relationships within the community

The week has come to a close, and we are more than grateful for the great friends we made and the good times we had. The event ran from Thursday to Friday, October 27-28, with daily seminars/practicals, and nightly cocktail hours. Our week ended with our collaborated, Scheimpflug/broncolor Halloween party on Saturday night.

We would like to thank our keynote speakers, who took the time out of their busy schedules. Our speakers make the event and we can’t thank them enough.

Special Thanks to: Dave Mathews, August Bradley, Dan Saelinger, Beth Taubner, Adam Sherwin, Ryan Enn Hughes and Arash Moallemi, John Pannozzo, Andre Rowe, Lindsay Adler, Scott Markewitz, Robert Levine, Bob Heiss, Kawai Matthews, John Engstrom, Lois Greenfield, Andy Ryan, Rick Friedman and Bryan Hughes.

During the student event, which ran into the evening Friday night, Chase Jarvis stopped by along with Sarah Silver, Henry Leutwyler and Lois Greenfield, and gave their insights on how to follow your passion.

We would also like to thank our partners, Hasselblad, Scheimpflug,Curtis Willocks, Tony Gale, Calumet, Fotocare, K&M, Digital Photo Pro, HD Video pro, Aperture, Resource Magazine, APA, ASMP New York, and ImagePrint by Colorbyte.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank our army of interns from FIT, Parsons and SVA.

It’s a hectic week for our team but also probably one of the most fulfilling. We can’t wait until next October to see you all again!

Caesar Lima: A Master at Depicting the Unique

A master at depicting unique and captivating subject matter, Caesar’s inspiration is derived from a singular drive to push the limits and evoke emotion through innovative photography.

“I feel exactly the same way when I’ve started my career always researching and experimenting to create something different, doing it from the heart.”

With a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising, Caesar has always had an eye for the creative. With a passion and drive to depict unusual, even surreal images, his photography always evokes emotion. As a self-proclaimed “non-purist”, his photography calls to mind imagery that is just outside of the box.

“I really respect David La Chapelle, Jill Greenberg, Terry Richardson, Alex Prager, Steven Meisel, there are so many talented people… but I do follow illustrators, designers, street artists also because we all are image makers, doesn’t matter which tool we use. Guys like Banksy, Space Invader, Shepard Fairey are amazing artists.”

“Build your image bank for reference, it’s like a muscle, the more you use the stronger you get. References are there not to be copied but for inspiration you need to study what makes an image interesting and why it appeals to you.”

Todays Shoot

“I like to use available light when I’m on location and Sunbounce screens and reflectors are amazing, I have done many jobs without using any flash, it’s so good to shoot without worrying about syncing speed.”

“Nothing really comes close to what Sunbounce has, and it’s a system, it’s much easier than having reflectors and modifiers from 3-4 different manufactures.”

Caesar has received multiple accolades and awards including the 2010 IPA Awards, 2010 PX3 in Paris, 2010 Archive 200 Best, 2009 IPA Award, 2009 Addy Award, and the 08 Spider Award to name a few in recent years.