Service Terms

Please contact for assistance with processing repair requests.

After submitting a Service Request you will receive a Return Authorization number. Please include a copy of this along with your items for repair and send to:

Hasselblad Inc.
Attn: broncolor Repairs
1080A Garden State Road
Union, NJ 07083

Shipping Information:
To ensure that items for repair do not become further damaged in shipment we recommend the following:

  • Removal of all glass products (protecting dome, flash tube, modeling bulb) and packed separately
  • Do not include batteries unless it pertains to the repair
  • Double box items with adequate padding or void fill for the product and outer box

Drop-Off / Pickup
Items may also be dropped off or picked up at our address above in Union, NJ, Monday through Friday, 9AM-4PM local time excluding holidays and weather closures. You may call ahead, at 908.754.5800 to confirm availability.

Due to item queue, we are unable to estimate repairs while you wait, a cost estimate will be sent to the email submitted in your original service request.

Repairs may not be dropped off at the New York Experience Studio.

General Repair Terms and Conditions:

  • All repairs and any spare part order over $20.00 are subject to a $10.00 handling charge.
  • All products sent to Hasselblad Inc. Repair Department for generation of repair estimate are billed $145.00 for preparation of the estimate.
    • The charge for a broncolor repair is $145.00 for estimate refusal.
  • Hasselblad Inc. will not accept nor provide warranty for third party sourced components for the repair of their broncolor product.

Important information for out of warranty repairs:

  1. Any product that is sent to Hasselblad Inc. for service outside of warranty is evaluated for repair and an estimate is generated. This estimate is sent to the customer.
  2. After the estimate is sent, the customer must approve or reject this estimate and provide a form of payment for the repair.
  3. The service department will follow up with the customer via email every three (3) days in an to attempt to get an acceptance or refusal of the repair.
  4. In the case of refused estimates the product will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  5. If the customer does not respond to the estimate, within 90 days of the first issuance of the estimate, by either accepting the charges, refusing the charges and providing return shipping information, or requesting more time then the service department will send a “signature required” letter to the customer requesting a response within 30 days. The letter will contain notice that the customer has 30 days to accept or refuse the equipment or it will be disposed of (i.e. thrown in garbage). The letter will also contain a copy of the quote listing the items to be disposed of and the repair estimate.
  6. If no response is received 90 days after the generation of the estimate then the goods will become property of Hasselblad Inc. and will be disposed of.

Repair Eligibility:
 Products over 10 years old may be refused for repair. Spare parts for these products may be unavailable. Please check with the service department prior to sending older products in for repair.

Typical Repair Times:
 Estimate usually issued within 4 business days of product receipt. Repair is normally completed within 7 to 10 business days after approval of estimate. Some repairs may take longer based on availability of spare parts.

Service is not available for the following products due to age, availability of spare parts and corporate support.

Power Packs:
Primo 2/4
Opus 8/A8
Opus 4/A4
Opus 2/A2
Pulso 8
Pulso 4/A4
Pulso 2/A2
Flashman II
304, 404
606, 260, 200
1400R, 700R
1200N, 600N
S12, S6, S51, S101
Nano 2, A4
Verso A2, A4
Power Dock

Compact Units:
Minipuls D160
Minipuls C40/C80
Minipuls 80
Impact S40/S80
Compuls 65/95
Impact 41/21

Pulso F
Profil 11/26 and 15/42
STL / STL Powerkopf

General Warranty Information

All Broncolor equipment – with the exception of flash tubes, modeling lamps, protective glass, rechargeable batteries, textiles and parts subject to wear – carry a 2 year warranty.