broncolor CPO and Overstock Sale

Part # ModelClass*List Price% Discount off ListS/NSale Price
B-31.027.07move 1200L 2-Head Kit incl. Battery4$9,071.9550%P020065-O120611-O120612 $4,535.98
B-31.623.07Siros 400S2$1,364.9525%R020079 $1,023.71
B-31.643.07Siros 800S3$1,689.0025%Q090069 $1,266.75
B-31.663.07Siros 400S Expert Kit 2NEW$3,070.9520%R1200910-R1200911 $2,456.76
B-31.663.07Siros 400S Expert Kit 2NEW$3,070.9520%S0301008-S0301009 $2,456.76
B-31.663.07Siros 400S Expert Kit 2NEW$3,070.9520%S0301012-S0301013 $2,456.76
B-31.685.07Siros 800S Expert Kit3$3,600.0030%T0405630-T0405631 $2,520.00
B-32.013.07mobiLED Lamp2$1,437.7025%Q012008 $1,078.28
B-32.013.07mobiLED Lamp3$1,437.7030%P030891 $1,006.39
B-33.496.00Umbrella Reflector2$208.9530%N/A $146.27
B-31.050.07Senso 12002$2,966.0025%O100681$2,224.50
B-32.030.07Litos Lamphead2$1,267.2025%P103050 $950.40
B-32.030.07Litos Lamphead2$1267.2025%Q053244$950.40

Updated 15 June, 2020

*Condition Descriptions

NEW: Items is new in box with original packaging and carry full standard warranty (see below).

Class 1-4 items may be repackaged in suitable alternative packaging with six-month warranty (see below).

  • Class 1: Mint Condition, no scratches, minimal wear marks
  • Class 2: Excellent condition, may have slight wear marks, dings and/or scratches
  • Class 3: Good condition, has obvious wear marks and scratches
  • Class 4: Fair condition, showing a great deal of wear

For inquiries please contact or 800-456-0203 x. 320,
available Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM EST.

First come, first serve, please call to confirm availability. broncolor US reserves the right to update pricing, availability, details and condition without notice.

Warranty: All NEW items, with the exception of flash tubes, modeling lamps, protective glass, rechargeable batteries, textiles and parts subject to wear, carry a 2 year warranty. All CPO items (class 1-4) carry a 6 months warranty.