2018 Summer Savings from broncolor


Extended Until August 31!

25% off all broncolor Scoro WiFi packs and Para light shapers! If you’ve been waiting to bring your lighting tools up to the best available, now is the time! Offer valid until 8.31.2018.

Item SKU Standard MSRP Promo Price
Scoro 3200S WiFi B-31.047.07 14,458.95 $10,844.22
Scoro 1600S WiFi B-31.046.07 10,844.95 $8,133.72
Scoro 3200E WiFi B-31.067.07 9,731,95 $7,298.97
Scoro 1600E WiFi B-31.066.07 7182.95 $5,387.22
Item SKU Standard MSRP Promo Price
Para 88 Non-HR B-33.483.03 3339.95 $2,504.96
Para 88 HR F Kit B-33.483.06 3651.95 $2,738.96
Para 88 HR FT Kit B-41.173.00 4023.95 $3,017.96
Para 133 non HR B-33.550.03 3620.95 $2,715.96
Para 133 HR F Kit B-33.550.06 3948.95 $2,961.71
Para 133 HR FT Kit B-41.175.00 4320.95 $3,240.71
Para 177 F Kit B-33.551.03 5375.95 $4,031.96
Para 177 FT Kit B-41.177.00 5746.95 $4,310.21
Para 222 F Kit B-33.552.03 6607.95 $4,955.96
Para 222 FT Kit B-41.178.00 6979.95 $5,234.96



Summer is the perfect time to be shooting outdoors, and there is no better tool for your location lighting than the Siros L battery powered monolights.

Receive one free bonus battery for each Siros L head with the purchase of any one or two head kit!

Siros L 1-Head Kits
400w/s: B-31.710.07
800w/s: B-31.720.07
1 x Siros 800L
1 x Siros Umbrella Reflector
1 x battery charger
1 x lithium-ion rechargable battery
1 x Storage bag
Bonus item: 1 x additional battery
(2 total!)

Siros L 2-Head Kit
400ws: B-31.750.07800ws: B-31.751.07
2 x Siros 400L
2 x Umbrella Reflector
1 x battery charger
2 x lithium-ion batteries
1 x umbrella silver/black 85cm (33.5 in)
1 x Softbox 60 x 60 (2 x 2 ft)
1 x speedring
1 x sync cable
1 x rolling backpack
Bonus item: 2 x additional batteries (4 Total!)


Discount on Scoro WiFi and Para valid on all new purchases or orders from July 2, 2018 until August 31, 2018 through authorized broncolor dealers only in the United States. Not applicable with on previous purchases, cannot be combined with any other promotions.

Free battery applies to new purchases of Siros 400L and Siros 800L one or two head kits made between July 10, 2018 and September 30, 2018. One free battery per head in each kit. One-head kits receive two batteries, two-head kits receive 4 (four) batteries. Not applicable towards prior purchases and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

We reserve the right to change, cancel, or otherwise modify any pricing, discounts, promotions, or events by Hasselblad or broncolor, with or without notice to you.

Product Announcement: Litepipe P

An innovative new light shaper from broncolor

The “bronControl” app by broncolor now includes outstanding new features

It’s more than an app. The new “bronControl” app features give photographers even more options to choose from. Many features can only be accessed using the app, including Delay, Group, Synchronized Sequence, Freemask, and Alternate modes. The app’s intuitive operation and the major enhancements to the WiFi-controlled features represent a global innovation for remote control of compact flash devices.