TIPA: Best Studio Generator: Broncolor Scoro series

Tipa Award Screen Shot Broncolor

TIPA (www.tipa.com), the organization known for its annual awards of excellence of photography products, has announced the the broncolor Scoro wins the category for best studio power pack.  We were in good company this year with tons of great complimentary products like the Canon 5d mkII and Canon G10.   Our only disappointment was that our Mobil A2R pack was not considered for best portable pack (as it has been out just a little longer than a year).

From TIPA:

The Broncolor Scoro A4S power pack represents the state of the art in studio flash generators. With three lamp outlets, controlled over three individual (asymmetrical) channels (like 3 power packs in one) it offers 3200 J flash energy. What makes it special is its very high repetitive precision, due to its automatic stabilisation of the colour temperature ECTC (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) over the whole control range and up to six f-stops in asymmetrical mode.

Tye Studios Shooting broncolor on the Beach

Andre Rowe at TYE Studios in Fort Lauderdale has been making a series of awesome videos about how TYE uses broncolor in the studio and on location for serious professional strobe lighting. TYE is a full service studio with a good supply of broncolor on hand.

In this video, Andre demonstrates setting up a large Para FB focusable light shaper in high winds on the beach. Dave McRitchie of Sinar Bron steps in for an excellent anchorman cameo.

Broncolor and TYE Workshop Weekend – Para on the Beach

broncolor in use: The F Stop Magazine

Andrew Zuckerman broncolor
We just happened upon a really cool new website called F-Stop. This online photo magazine currently features on article on Andrew Zuckerman, an SVA graduate. He utilized a broncolor Grafit A4 power pack, a Pulso Twin 4 bi-tube head, a pellet gun, and a microphone to stunning effect in photographing the explosion of a water balloon.

To see his work and diagrams of this setup, please visit