Artist Spotlight: Ellian Raffoul

Many photographers spend the majority of their careers behind the camera and escape the nervous anticipation of what it feels like to be the subject on the other side of the lens. Because portraiture has a more intimate dynamic, connection and communication are essential for developing trust on set. San Francisco based commercial photographer, Ellian Raffoul, uses her experience as a model to connect with her subjects and relies on broncolor to capture them in their best light.

Ellian’s interest in photography began early on as a toddler. Her grandfather was a photographer and she remembers always wanting to look through his camera. She is inspired by entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, especially women, and utilizes her educational background in communication studies to take photographs that will help others share their message with the world.

At the beginning of her modeling career, Ellian felt anxious in front of the camera and worked for years to gain confidence. Through this experience she has learned how to put clients’ fears at ease and make them feel comfortable quickly, developing a rapport can be seen throughout her work.

Ellian first experienced using broncolor while assisting photographers on commercial shoots and learned how each modifier affects its subject. She even had the opportunity to take a workshop from Urs Recher in San Francisco and gained confidence in knowing what gear to use for certain shots.

In the onset of her photography career, Ellian would test the light on herself to make sure she liked it before using the same setup for her clients. As she continues to evolve as a photographer, she embraces each unique face and uses different lighting setups to shape them accordingly. Ellian’s go to lighting modifiers include the broncolor white and silver umbrella 85 for their simplicity as well as the Octabox 75, both of which have the ability to produce a very soft and flattering light with subtle contrast. She also uses small and medium soft boxes for fill on the subject and to light the background.

Ellian’s lighting gear of choice includes the broncolor Scoro 3200S with the G4 Pulso heads for larger caliber shoots and the ultra-portable broncolor Siros 800L when shooting on location. The color temperature of the flash across the entire product line is very accurate and complementary to an array of skin tones without the need of gels or additional warming domes. Both the quality and color temperature of light are consistent from frame to frame with an incredibly fast recycle time, making broncolor ideal for fashion and beauty editorials as well as commercial shoots.

Light is of the utmost importance when it comes to commercial work with high profile clients such as UN Women and L’Officiel. While the many intricate components of these types of shoots can be stressful, lighting doesn’t have to be. Broncolor provides the added assurance of durability, reliability and consistency time and time again.

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