Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche are some of the most coveted and iconic brands that many aspiring automotive photographers set their sights on early in their career. Having some of the most influential car brands in one’s portfolio serves as a benchmark of a photographer’s journey, signifying the extensive work and dedication amassed to reach this point. For commercial and editorial photographer Bradley Wentzel, the power and reliability of broncolor has served as a major element in helping achieve this benchmark and elevate his work as an automotive photographer.

Bradley has been interested in photography for most of his life and recalls running around with his parents’ film camera as a young teen. He enrolled in photography classes throughout high school, enjoying the process of receiving an assignment, brainstorming, capturing, and developing the images. The thrill of that challenge, alongside a strong work ethic instilled by his dad would become vital components of his success in photography.

Following high school, Bradley apprenticed with several portrait photographers and enrolled in Brooks Institute of Photography, pursuing commercial lifestyle and editorial photography. It was during his tenure at Brooks Institute that he first fell in love with broncolor lighting, switching between fashion models of the people type, and “models” with an engine for his assignments. He worked in Los Angeles for several years after graduation, followed by a tenure as a Creative Director with a San Antonio, TX based company. All along the way Bradley maintained a freelance pursuit in automotive and commercial photography.

Cars in particular can be difficult to photograph, requiring careful placement of highlight and shadow to accentuate the subject. Bradley chooses the broncolor Siros 800L because of its compact size, power output and reliability. The multitude of moving parts on a photoshoot can translate into potential worry and stress, but the flexibility of Siros 800L makes lighting adjustments a breeze, bringing peace of mind to the set. It is also ergonomic enough that one can handhold the light when the placement has to be critically precise.

Bradley’s go-to lighting modifiers are the broncolor Softbox 30 x 180 (1×6 Strip), Softbox 60 x 100, and Octabox 150. The clever design of these light shapers combined with Siros 800L’s fully exposed flash tube and dome create precise and gorgeous highlights without hot spots, giving the signature contour of light that is seen throughout his work. The long and narrow shape of the strip softboxes enable Bradley to easily accentuate the lines of the vehicles he is photographing. The Octabox 150 creates a beautiful light that covers a vast area and wraps around the subject, making it ideal for photographing the details of vehicles. It is also his modifier of choice when photographing people as it shapes and creates a beautiful catchlight in the subject’s eyes.

Quality light and consistency are of the utmost importance for this caliber of commercial and editorial photography. The ultra-portability of the broncolor Siros 800L is packed with the top features of the high-end Scoro packs and delivers on results time and time again, making it a go-to light for many professionals. The consistency, versatility, build quality and reliability are some of the top reasons photographers choose broncolor for their lighting needs.

You can check out more of Bradley’s work below, at or follow him on Instagram at @bradleywentzel.