Will Deleon Artist Spotlight

Commercial product photography is home to some of the best product photography that can be seen dominating billboards and gracing the glossy pages of magazines. Quality, consistency and reliability are of the utmost importance when it comes to the required gear of creating top caliber images. Los Angeles based commercial product photographer Will Deleon relies on broncolor to create his unique and beautiful images that are seen around the world.

Photography has always been a part of Will’s life; his dad was an avid photographer, and he was always curious about the art form. One day his dad let him play with his camera and he instantly fell in love. Although Will dabbled with black and white film photography in high school, he never realized that he wanted to pursue photography as a career until he was in medical school.

Will applied to and was accepted into the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. It was during his tenure at art school that he was first introduced to broncolor lighting. Being exposed to gear that works flawlessly time and time again early on made it an easy choice to incorporate into his professional career nearly ten years later.

When it comes to selecting equipment, Will’s lighting gear of choice includes the broncolor Scoro 3200 S WiFi packs. They are incredibly powerful and feature the ability to adjust ratios on-the-fly with the click of a button either on the pack or remotely via the bronControl app. When combined with super short flash durations and color accuracy, the convenience and capability make perfect sense for Will’s work.

The broncolor Siros 800S monolight also makes the lighting list as it offers similar features as the bigger Scoro packs, in a more compact, all-in-one design. The Siros 800S brings speed and accuracy to a more compact form factor. Will’s go-to modifier is the P70 reflector combined with honeycomb grids. The Flooter also earns a spot in his arsenal with its very even and hard light quality that many clients love. Both of the modifiers help create the high contrast and punchy photographs that Will is recognized known for.

Some of the biggest challenges Will faces are when dealing with liquid subjects, as clients require tack sharp drips and splashes. Though focus is one key factor, the ability to completely stop fast moving action is just as important. Both the Scoro WiFi packs and Siros 800S offer the power and flash duration to make this possible where other systems can’t keep up.

Being able to reproduce a specific aesthetic is imperative in this type of commercial product work. One of the biggest advantages of using broncolor is the assurance that the same quality of product and cross-compatibility is found throughout the entire product system. The build quality is some of the best out there and is sure to last a photographer for years to come.

You can check out more of Will’s work below, at willdeleon.com or follow him on Instagram at @willdeleon.