Athletic Portraits in a Snow Storm

The landscape of the Pacific Northwest is an ideal playground for sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy frequenting the great outdoors. Portland, in particular, is centrally located between the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Hood and it is also the home of major athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas, making it a major destination for budding photographers.

Fontaine Rittelmann is a recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and recently relocated to Portland from the East Coast. She captures all kinds of sports photography and seeing Mt. Hood on a daily basis inspired her to do an athletic shoot there with several different looks in the snow to expand her portfolio. Using the broncolor Siros 800L battery monolight, Fontaine set out with her model, assistant and 8-month old puppy named Tahoe.

Fontaine’s original plan was to mount the Siros L on a lightstand and capture the images with the broncolor Octabox 150 because the quality of light that is produced is superb and covers a large area. However, the weather proved to be extremely inclement on the day of the shoot with lots of snow and wind gusts of 50mph. Fontaine easily adapted to the scene by utilizing her assistant as a human lightstand and opting for the regular reflector as the quality of the harder light would still be able to capture the model’s full body along with the dog.

The Siros 800L was chosen specifically for this shoot because of its ultra portability, versatility and durability. The overall design and form factor of the Siros L was easy to work with and overcome the challenges set by the weather. The simplicity of the interface with a single rotary dial made it easy for Fontaine’s assistant to quickly learn and operate. After nearly 500 shots in the snow at a lower power, the battery was still almost fully charged by the end of the shoot. The fact that it works so seamlessly is perfect in situations where time is limited.

Fontaine hopes to photograph on Mt. Hood again in the future in nicer weather with an extra assistant on hand. Additionally, she is planning a series of GIF’s called “Up and Running” which is a very colorful series inspired by the works of Dan Saelinger and hopes to once again use the Broncolor Siros L at the helm of the shoot.

Fontaine Rittelmann is a highly motivated and extremely organized photographer currently based in Portland, OR. A recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied Advertising Photography, her photographic eye is focused on athletic and action photography. She is constantly on the move to create the next best image.

Fontaine Rittelmann @frittelmann on Instagram
Ben Ludeman @ludemanphotos on Instagram (assistant)
Chris Dorwart @chrisdorwart (bts photos)
Jeremy Kaufmann @captainkaufmann (model)