This month’s broncolor Artist Spotlight features accomplished photographer, Mike Tittel. Based in Wisconsin, Mike has made a name for himself with a unique approach to sculpting light and creating stunning imagery.

1 MOVE Packs + 1 MobiLED heads — Para 88 as key light

After graduating from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 1999, Mike was immediately immersed in the world of commercial photography. Fueled by challenges and obstacles, Mike’s portfolio has leaned towards adventure sports mixed with a wide variety of lifestyle and location work. Reflecting on his favorite images, he finds that travel and personal experience have been the biggest motivators and the ability to convey this in images have brought many clients on to select Mike as their top choice for photographers. Mike added, “authenticity is very key in my shoots, so I’m always on the lookout for real, uncontrived moments.”

1 Move Pack + 1 MobiLED head w/ P70 reflectorand blue gel to emulate moon light

When it comes to composition and light – there are no happy accidents. The creative process for Mike includes clear decision making with what goes into making the image. Mike reflected, “visually, I’m drawn to the intentional use of lines or graphic shapes, and a strong sense of place inspires me. I’m captivated by the raw, simple beauty of natural light but another part of me loves the freedom of crafting light into a dark moody look – especially when it comes to sports and fitness photos.”

2 MOVE Packs + 2 MobiLED heads — background light was P70 reflector, key light was Para 88

For his selection of tools, Mike has been trusting the broncolor Move system – which time and time again have proven to be a champion in challenging situations. Along the way, his Move kit has certainly racked up the miles of travel but continues to provide stunning and professional quality light every time. Like any pro, Mike maintains a wide range of softboxes, hard reflectors but the Para 88 and Beautybox 65 have become his first choice light shapers. When so much of his work requires travel – versatility and durability are on the forefront. Beautybox 65 gives immense lighting capabilities as a compact light shaper, mimicking that of broncolor’s Beauty Dish reflector but in a flat-pack travel ready package. The Para 88 is unlike any other light shaper in its capability of producing a massive range of light qualities. From focused and punchy to broad and diffused, the Para 88 is a perfect match for the wide variety of scenarios that Mike gets thrown in.

When a challenging shoot comes knocking, Mike Tittel’s driven passion for stunning images really comes to shine. With clear intent and the best tools in lighting, his images have graced magazine covers, billboards, and advertisements worldwide. Our thanks to Mike for the insight on what goes into his work and sharing some of his beautiful photographs.

To check out more of Mike Tittel’s work visit his site at, on Instagram @miketittel, or in the gallery below.