Virtual Reality Gym Photoshoot with Fudo Jahic

Boise-based lifestyle and commerical Photographer, Fudo Jahic, takes us behind the scenes into his shoot with a virtual reality fitness company. With the help of Siros S, Fudo takes his studio on location to create a simple but effective set up and make some beautiful imagery. 

Written by: Fudo Jahic

Since adding the broncolor Siros monolights to my arsenal, I’ve been able to expand creative options when it comes to lighting.  When I was approached by Black Box VR, a virtual-reality fitness company, I was able to really test their location lighting capabilities.

Black Box VR offers one of the first immersive virtual reality gym experiences. How does it work? You step into a Black Box VR boutique gym and experience a whole new way to get fit. The user can exercise in a unique environment that will make them never want to visit an outdated gym again.

The client was looking for a dramatic, high-contrast look, that mixed a muscular fitness model with the VR goggles, while using a workout machine. A single, high positioned, diffused light gave me the most ideal look for this scenario.

To get the shot I used a single broncolor Siros 800 S monolight controlled by an RFS 2.1  radio transceiver. Mounted on the head was a 60×100 (2×3’) Softbox with both inner and front diffusers. The softbox was positioned high above the subject and tilted at a 45 degree angle downwards to achieve a moody light without losing too much detail in the shadow.

The low power capabilities of the Siros and precise light shaping control of the 60×100 Softbox helped  highlight the definition and muscularity of the subject while freezing motion for a sharp, crisp image. The texture and form of the black box VR unit took to the light beautifully, producing the exact look I was looking for.

Fudo Jahic, photographer and creative director from Boise, Idaho, features a vast portfolio ranging from studio portraiture to lifestyle and travel photography. To check out more of his work visit or on instagram  @fudojahic.