Range Rover, photographed by Raincamp and lit with broncolor

This month, we’re honored to bring you behind the scenes on a shoot for Land Rover – photographed by the collective, Raincamp. Formed by photographers Dylan Furst and Rob Sese, the Washington-based duo discussed the lighting and creative process in photographing a Range Rover in a series of challenging locations.

After a summer full of sunshine, we were tasked with a photoshoot for the car company Land Rover. The timing was perfect, as fall was on the horizon. Seeking out locations mixed with sun proved difficult to fit the vibe we wanted to capture, but once the weather took a turn, it was time to shoot.

We set out on the backroads of our basecamp of Bellingham, Washington State with the Broncolor Move Outdoor 2 Kit. The portability of this kit was necessary, as we were working on a two person team, for a somewhat large scale photoshoot.

On our first scene, we decided to focus on a puddle shot. Our goal was to freeze the motion of the water as the car splashed through.

We used the Move 1200L battery pack, mixed with two of the MobiLED strobes from the Move Outdoor 2 Kit. We placed one strobe on the ground, as the goal was to illuminate the splash and freeze the motion of the drops. We also had one strobe on a lightstand. We wanted to cast a light over the front of the car to accentuate the details as it came out of the dark forest. Both strobes were fired at about half power which we felt casted a nice balance against the ambient light to achieve a more cinematic mood.

The car excels in both city and off-road situations, so we took the Range Rover down to the local shipyard. Variety and versatility was important to us, and this was an important scene we wanted to showcase. We waited until the sun dropped, as we wanted a cool blue tone to fill the scene.

After some experimentation, we decided to park the car in a front ¾ angle, as we felt like was the best showcase of the vehicle. We set the 60x60cm softbox high on a lightstand. We wanted an even light to cast on the vehicle, making it pop from the darker scene. We experimented with feathering the light, and we settled on leaving the foreground darker, adding more focus on the vehicle.

Primarily shooting in the outdoors, the portability and simplicity of the Move Outdoor 2 Kit has opened doors for us as photographers. There is no excuse for going to a location without it, and it has become a vital role in our style and vision.

Dylan Furst is a outdoor and lifestyle photographer from Bellingham, Washington State. Inspired by nature, he has developed his style with inspiration from the dark and rainy forests that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Rob Sese is a photographer from Chicago, Illinois, who recently made the move to Bellingham to team up with Dylan. Together the two formed Raincamp, with the goal of creating unique digital art that aligns with the senses of nature, human connection and meaningful story. You can view more of their work at Dylanfurstphoto.com and Robsese.com, or on Instagram @fursty and @rob.sese.