Andris Dzeguze:

Experiments with Siros L and Gels

In my photography I’ve always been fascinated by power of the message you can deliver through photos  – the idea of creating not only beautiful photos but also being able to transmit the mood to the viewer means a lot to me. Photography gives me that sense of connection with people and helps me to show what I feel when I create an image. Our world is fast changing environment and photography helps me to slow down and freeze the time.

When given an opportunity to work with broncolor I immediately said “Where do I sign?”. I had some previous experience of using their lights and I was really excited to put them to a full scale studio test.

 For this shoot my model was a young Russian music prodigy Sophie Fay. I wanted to experiment with color gels and create an edgy, youthful, and energetic look to create some promotional materials for her upcoming album release. When choosing my gear for the shoot, I couldn’t find better companion than 2 Broncolor Siros 800L lights, a beautybox 65, and a focus 110 umbrealla in combination with my Fujifilm mirrorless camera.

Right off the bat, the ease of setting the lights up and the intuitive, user-friendly interface made me extremely comfortable in front of my subject. The light quality and color was very consistent. With control from my Ipad via the bronControl app, the Siros heads, and the RFS trigger I was able to be in control of my lights from anywhere at any time without any delays.  I could easily take these lights on location, set them on a stand, pop the batteries in and be ready to shoot in seconds. Siros 800 L is a great, professional studio kit for the photographer with portability on their mind.

Andris Dzeguze is a fashion, lifestyle, street photographer based in NYC. You can catch up with him and his work on Instagram @Andrisdze or at on his site and blog at