Sean Hagwell’s imagery truly represents an artist who finds passion in his craft. As a photographer in the modern age, he must constantly create, think, and experiment to push his work forward.

As a photographer, working with the subject is an intimate interaction, requiring the ability to connect with someone as you’re busily controlling the technical aspects of the shoot. Maintaining this is a very tricky dance, but one can see from Hagwell’s work that it is done with absolute mastery. The emotions and expressions that Sean is able to garner from the subject allow him to create a perfect image.

Surprisingly, Sean is a self-admitted introvert, not always being the most outgoing. However, the camera and his craft are the conduits for him to connect with the person in front of the camera, almost becoming a completely different person.

In his personal work, Sean tends to experiment with new styles of lighting or tools that might better serve his commercial work. As a local to the Nashville area, Sean’s clients include many top record labels and musicians. Any improvement in his workflow or tools allows him to take on bigger and bigger jobs.

Recently, Sean started working with the broncolor Move 1200L, a battery powered pack and lamp system. Combined with the Octabox 150, the setup provided a powerful and portable lighting solution for a photographer working always between studio and location. Compared to previous battery powered lighting solutions Sean worked with, the lightweight lithium-ion battery combined with broncolor’s intuitive digital control and accurate color consistency made the move 1200L a very lightweight and effective tool for the most challenging jobs.

You can check out more of Sean’s work at or follow him on Instagram at @seanhagwell