Night Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

Written by: Catherine Aeppel

It’s been a longtime dream of mine to shoot nighttime kiteboarding in crisp, turquoise waters – a stunning setting to capture athletes in their element, tearing up the clear, calm water as the droplets spraying from the back of their boards are dynamically frozen in time.

In order to execute this vision, I needed a strobe that would be powerful enough to fully light the stunning water in the foreground while also capture the action. The Move 1200 L Outdoor Kit, with its durability and power, was exactly what I needed to turn this dream into a reality.

With kiteboarders Paula Rosales, Kit Griffiths and Kristina Roth on hand in Turks and Caicos, and blessed with perfect conditions on the evening of our shoot, we launched the kites right at sunset. I gave each athlete glow sticks so that once it got dark I could still see their locations. I waded out to knee deep water with my lighting assistant, upwind of where the athletes would be riding. By positioning ourselves upwind of the athletes, any water sprayed up during their tricks would be blown away from us and would not risk splashing us and the gear. I positioned my lighting assistant back to the left of me. When each rider would pass, he would track them with the flash. The MobiLED Lamphead was easy for the assistant to handle by hand and the Weatherproof Soft Case for the Move battery pack kept everything dry and protected, while the shoulder strap made it simple for him to safely keep the pack well above the waterline.

Overall, the ease, power and quality of the gear significantly contributed to my ability to bring my vision to life and played an integral role in the overall success of this shoot.

Catherine is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based in Colorado. From the beaches of Israel to the slot canyons of Utah, from remote islands in the Pacific to as far as Western Australia, Catherine’s explorations through the lens have taken her around the world. She thrives with a camera in hand — and lives the adventures she captures. When she’s not shooting, she’s playing in mountains, deserts and oceans far away from crowded cities and civilization.You can check out more of her work at and on instagram @CatherineAeppel .