Behind the Scenes with New England Patriot’s receiver Julian Edelman

Photographer Ric Tapia gave us a behind the scenes look at his recent shoot with New England Patriot star Julian Edelman. With the help of broncolor lights and HSS technology, Ric comes away with some fantastic portrait and action shots.

“I was assigned by Cutters to photograph New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman for their 2017/2018 ad campaigns. During the preproduction phone calls I was informed that we would be photographing outside in the mid-afternoon at Exos in Carson, Calif. The shoot was going to be a mixture of action and posed photographs. For the action photos I would want to shoot at least 1/1000 of a second to freeze the action for crisp images. This would require a flash system to have HS and be able to over power the sun. I used two Move 1200 Packs and three Siros 800L. Call time for the shoot was at 11am. The crew and I starting setting up immediately. The two Move 1200 packs were the main lights and the three  Siros 800L were used for rim lights. Julian showed up after his workout and went into makeup.  Julian Edelman’s energy level was contagious; allowing us to go through the shot list at a rapid pace. The fast recycling time allowed me to keep up with Julian. You never want to miss a shot because the flash wasn’t ready.”

Ric Tapia is a professional sports photographer based in Los Angeles. You can check out more of his work at and on Instagram @TapiaPhoto.”