Spring Illustrative with Katie Thompson

In her latest Spring-inspired personal work, photographer Katie Thompson looked back at a previous project that engaged different aspects of visual image making. “I’ve always been inspired by illustration and collage more than photography.”

Katie added, “When I was younger, before I was really into photography, I made digital collages and illustrations in Photoshop using a mix of self-portraits, stock textures, and brushes.” As a break from her regular commercial work, she took a step back to reinvigorate the imagination, using more illustrative elements with the image.

As a continuation of a previous series of work, Katie aimed to work in minimalist studio settings and integrating aspects of nature, both in-camera and in post-production. She noted, “I wanted to exaggerate them and play a little with the scale to make the scene more surreal. I shot the flowers separately and added them later.”

As a nod to classical art, she also added a subtle circle on the background representing a sun/moon for graphic emphasis.

Even though it was a departure from typical commercial work, Thompson still wanted to aim for a dimensional, glossy look. Katie added, “I used the Para 88 in a defocused position, almost directly in front of the model. This gave me a broader light source that still retained some specular highlights on the skin.”

Katie Thompson is a fashion and beauty photographer based in New York. You can follow her online as @kkatiethompson and see more of her work online at katie-thompson.com

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