broncolor HMI FT and Para win for VSNY

VSNY Films, a crew founded by Vincent Davino and gaffer John Busch have found attention as commensurate problem solvers from all sides of film production. Based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, VSNY has illuminated an impressive clientele, including Lord & Taylor,, Teen Vogue, and more.

Davino (producer) and Busch (gaffer) cover mostly fashion and commercial work. While New York is home, their work spans borders nationwide and keeps them very busy.

Though the content and location may change, ever constant on their set is the broncolor Para system, paired with HMI and Tungsten FT systems. With a background in fashion stills, Davino was well versed in the capability of Paras. He added, “We used broncolor strobes and Paras everywhere in stills, always when we needed more light output and needed to freeze the motion. The minute I was turned onto the HMI version… I was like holy sh*t!”

Vincent adds, “we’ll start with the 88 has our headshot light, typically an 800W bulb, through opal diffusion, maybe with an eggcrate.” Building on the light of the Para 88, the Para 133 is brought in for a broader light, used to cover full length, head to toe.

“I’ve used other systems, but these (Paras) are much more versatile. Faster. I can train someone very quickly how to use it, and you don’t need a technician,” Davino remarks. He continues, “the FT system brings a completely beautiful quality of light,” having used other HMI systems and adapters in the past.

Gaffer, John Busch, with over two decades of experience constantly turns to the Para for its ability to create beautiful light. “It gives that wonderfully round catchlight in the eye, really great when we’re doing cosmetics and close ups on the face.”

He adds, “the light is beautifully specular but with a shadow quality that changes between focused and defocused position. Focused or spotted, the output is so punchy.”

With their level of clientele, VSNY must rely on their tools to perform without flaw. Busch explains, “there’s already so many things that can go wrong, so many technical systems.” In this, the HMI 800.1600 electronic ballast, features three modes – color optimum, low noise, or for high-speed frame rates, all with broncolor’s renowned reliability.

Even with experience with other parabolic-style reflectors, the Paras continue to find a home in their work, unrivaled in simplicity and versatility. VSNY continues to rely on broncolor to exceed expectations to shape and craft light in a strong diversity of creative needs.

FT System from broncolor, perfect light quality in all four sizes of the Para. Click here for more info.

VSNY Films is a Lighting and Grip team comprised of  Vincent Davino, John Busch and Stefan Matwijec. Small yet highly efficient, they specializes in Set Lighting, Technical Rigging, Car Rigging, Expendables and Production Services. Make sure and follow VSNY films on instagram to check out the cool things that they’re lighting. Our thanks to Vincent Davino and John Busch for their time and support of broncolor!

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