Into the Light with TIMEZAC

One model, a tree, & a single light & modifier. My process for personal projects always begin with matching a subject to a location. Once the right location is found, everything else falls into place. For this shoot, my creative vision was to capture the subtle harmony between subject & environment with a touch of men’s fashion. I used one light to beautifully illuminate the scenes rich texture & contrast.

For this shoot I opted for the versatile Para 88, which is perfect for on location, due to its light weight design & compact size. I paired the Para 88 with the MobiLED lamphead & Move 1200L battery pack.

I primarily shoot with two modifiers, a standard P70 reflector, with simple diffusion or grids, and a strip softbox. For this shoot, the P70 would have been too harsh, because of its light spread & the softbox would have lacked contrast.

Due to the intimate setting of this shoot, the Para was better suited. The Para has a wonderful mixture of soft enveloping light without compromising contrast, for this location and subject, and it was instrumental in helping me achieve my vision.

Photo: Timezac

Photo: Timezac

Photo: Timezac

Zach Galarza, founder of TIMEZAC Photography, is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in fashion & portraiture. Completely self-taught, his photographic journey started with architecture & urban fine art photography. Zach’s work is centered around visually compelling work, technical challenges, and outstanding quality. You can see more of his work at and follow him on Instagram as @timezac.

Model: @nickwilson0

Hair & makeup: @montanabrittany