There’s never a challenge that a photographer can’t conquer when you have the right tools. Stepping into a 1930’s theater with absolutely next to nothing electricity or lighting, my team found a solution creatively.

The main thing was organization. Setting up a place for equipment, organizing it, and getting the gear we needed quickly.


In the old theater district of Downtown Los Angeles, a luxurious 1930’s Hollywood theater is brought to life with the 2017 Badgley Mischka Bride Campaign.

We step into a gorgeous yet dusty location, with very limited power besides a few string lights hanging by the main stage. Due to no electrical outlets, we powered the lighting gear through a couple of consumer-based generators. Because we were using the generators, the Broncolor LED modeling lights definitely helped us save on power due to its low usage of power. Power conservation a key factor to keep the day moving with the Broncolor Senso A2 Packs and a couple of Siros 800’s. The Broncolor Move Kit came in handy for versatility and moving around fill lights throughout the day.

bmbridal-114The first look was the most challenging because it set the momentum for the rest of the day.

Once we had our initial lighting setup, we used the setup throughout the day to keep the consistency. The Siros lights gave a nice “Hollywood” effect, which was very fitting to the environment and we used them without any modifiers, just the built in reflector to concentrate the flare effect when placed in the background. It also provided a touch of cross-key lighting effect with the perfect spill.


We started out with the Broncolor Octa 75 due to a constrained space then lit the rest of the shoot with the Para 133. Once we got our key light set, we focused on the rest of the environment lighting. Our go to lights were the Siros because they were lightweight and easy to move around. We used some constant light through the day to give a kiss of mixed lighting. The Para made it a little more dramatic light compared to any other modifier, which made it unique. It gave a good spread and the dramatic effects to create the Hollywood look in an old 1930’s theater. In using the Para, we diffused the lighting by 1/8 to not blow out any highlights and to soften up any shadows. The Para gave a really great wrap-around feel to the model and had a defined fall off by placing it at a 45-degree angle. The Para was powered by a Senso A2 pack and it was our go-to for the main light with 1200 watts.


We used the Broncolor receiver to sync up all the lighting and it was easy to power up or down at any point right off camera. Everything was connected wirelessly through the Broncolor receiver. Everything synced up easily. Power up, power down was a breeze. With so many moving elements, the ease of use in using the Broncolor system for lighting became one of the last things I had to worry about on set once our lighting look and feel was locked in. We were able to accomplish much more than expected.



Photography: Catherine Asanov

1st Assist: Efren Beltran

2nd Assist: Said Shabafrooz

Model: Hannah S @ Factor Chosen

Makeup: Cassie Lyons

Hair: Carina Tafulu

Stylist: Alan Montes

Set Design: Leah Bychurch

Production Assistant: Patricia Densing

Lighting: Broncolor & Zylight


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