It’s more than an app. The new “bronControl” app features give photographers even more options to choose from. Many features can only be accessed using the app, including Delay, Group, Synchronized Sequence, Freemask, and Alternate modes. The app’s intuitive operation and the major enhancements to the WiFi-controlled features represent a global innovation for remote control of compact flash devices.

Not only does the free “bronControl” app enable the basic features of the broncolor Siros and Siros L monolights, many more options for their use are now also available thanks to the extended set of features: The flash duration is displayed under the individual power displays for each flash. This setting varies depending on the output used, a crucial factor for sharply focused images of fast-moving objects. The flash duration can be reduced even further by selecting Speed mode on the device or via the app. The modelling light can be switched on or off for all lamps at the same time or for each Siros individually. Plus, each Siros can be assigned its own flash delay time. The delay can be set in highly precise 1/100 s increments.

Synchronized Sequence
broncolor Siros monolights can be programmed to use a specific number of flashes (flash sequence). In most applications it is important for the flashes of all devices to go off simultaneously – the Synchronized Sequence feature makes sure this works dependably.

Freemask mode allows the creation of outlines to make removal of backgrounds far easier in subsequent photo editing.

As many as four Siros monolights (individual lights or groups) can be set to flash in alternation. This enables extremely short charging times, even at very high levels of output.

Several Siros can be combined into groups. The benefit to the user: this allows all the monolights in a group to be reset in a single step.

The bronControl app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Siros L battery monolights work perfectly with this new app release. An upgrade of the Siros firmware (to version 49.07) is required for using the new features with older equipment. For more information on all the steps involved in the upgrade, go to the broncolor website:

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