On Para 177 you can rely – ESCADA Luxury Fashion online: Spring Collection 2015


My contract for Escada (Design und luxury Fashion online) was for the Escada Spring Collection 2015 and took place in the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich.

I wanted to use the Para 177 because it was said beforehand that it could be, that I would need to photograph individual, but also four models together, and with the flexibility of the Para, it was the perfect choice for me for this job, particularly as I wanted to show the great quality and detail from the materials, this meant that there was clearly no way past the Paras.

I set a diffuser stage 2 in front of the light to make it a little softer, whilst still achieving the 3D look.


Performance is important in such jobs, you need equipment upon which you can rely. The Scoro is a safe bet for me, I know the device works and delivers, and it gives me a certain sense of security on the set.

I set the main light slightly frontally from above – this is my favourite position – and in order to evenly illuminate the entire staging, I brightened the two sides up with two more flash heads. To the left, I worked with a reflector which flashed at the wall and, to the right, I worked with the broncolor Softbox 120 x 180 cm
Due to space constraints, every centimetre had to be used. The floor was white and thus sufficient light was reflected back. We had a great international team with Veronika Heilbrunner as the stylist, Hannes Schuller as the set-builder and fabulous models like Emma Oak and Franzi Müller, as well as the Escada Team.


Photographer Alexander Palacios
It is the mixture between rigor, technical craftsmanship and talent which make Hasselblad Junior Winner Alexander Palacios a great photographer. He brings in unique figures and creative settings, which he combines and presents in a fresh and hip style. Fascinated by shapes and movements, Palacios tries to capture through the lenses the sensibility of people and places which surround him.