The Royal Madness – A Personal Christmas Work by Thomas Fähnrich


2 months for preparation. 6 weeks of planning. Then finally the shooting day. For the realisation of this Christmas project, the model agency FAVoriteFaces approached me and Ruth Spiller (Concept & Post production) directly. After defining the final Image idea, Ruth and I started to work and prepare each single detail. Our goal was to tell as many stories as possible in one image.

Everyone knows Christmas as a celebration of love. It all revolves around the family, eating, exchanging presents, telling stories and laughing together.

But not with this family. In a very special location, all of the members are spending time by themselves. There is the girl which is completely mad about her present and decides to cut the hair of the doll. The Grandfather, who would love to go hunting and cleans his rifle. Or the Grandmother who survives the evening by drinking egg liqueur.

As a location we had the chance to shoot in a water castle near Cologne, which was discovered and booked by the FAVoriteFaces agency. For the Styling and Setdesign we engaged a very well-known Stylist from Düsseldorf – Rolf Buck.

Making Ofs






Hair & Makeup artist: Eva Mittmann & Nadine Eckstein – Project Assistant: Antje Peuckmann and Marcel Kamps

Every model and each detail had to be photographed individually to get the required film look. The circumstances on location made it impossible to make a 1:1 shoot. To compose the final image Ruth Spiller combined the 45 single shots into one impressive Christmas picture.

Gear to light up this Project
Power packs:
1x Scoro, 2x Grafit, 1x Move
Lamps: 4 Pulso, 1 MobiLED,1 Ringflash
Light shapers: 1 Para 177, 1 Striplight 30×120, 3xP70 reflectors (with colour filters)

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