How To Example – A Newborn in a soft and gentle light


I had to shoot a newborn picture. The idea was to make a light picture with little color. I always like, when I just see some skin of the baby and the rest is light and clean.

The picture was made on location in the parents apartment. So it was not possible to transport a lot of equipment. I decided to bring along the Para 133. It gives me a lot of possibilities to shape the light.

I placed the Para more or less in front of the baby. I didn’t want to have a lot of shadows. I have two more advantages with the Para. One is, that in a white dominated picture like this, I have a clear separation on the edges of the bucket. Another advantage is, that I still see some details in the texture of the fur, the bucket and the hat of the baby.

© Fabio Gloor


What is How To?
It is a a section on broncolor’s Website with multiple light examples made with broncolor light shapers. You have the choice to select a product and explore different light examples made with these products or to select a sample photo and find out how it was made.

The concept in HOW TO is to show a nice image and explain about the set-up and the shoot and to make it visual with a set-up diagram. broncolor has invested a lot of effort in this project and we will continue to create light examples very regularly.

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