Lyubomir Sergeev – “MOVE” Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria

Lyubomir Sergeev is bulgarian photographer based between Sofia, Bulgaria and Vienna, Austria. He works as advertising photographer where quite often add personal and conceptual touch. Winner of Photographer Of The Year in Oneeyland Awards and part of the Top 200 Digital Artists Worldwide in Luerzer’s Archive Special.

“I love to tell stories. I love to tell stories which develop in time, have in depth layers and ask questions. That is what photography is all about for me. My goal is to create an image, which should be telling what has happened so far in the story and what is going to happen. Each image should contain a greater story and the more you look at it the more you should see.

It is very important to choose carefully the moment to express and shoot since it has to represent the story at its best. Every now and then it happens to be a very tiny bit of a moment frozen in time. And still it has to be meticulously planned and perfectly directed. It has to tell a story which if shot in motion it would spread within thousands of still images. This is the magic of photography and I am completely under its spell.

Movement has always taken a special role in my works. I almost don’t have a “still” image. This extrovert way of telling a story seems to just suit me best. It can never leave a viewer indifferent and it helps reaching and touching the right emotional spot.


The exhibition “Move” is a happening, which just came naturally. I got very inspired by the Broncolor power pack Move 1200 L, which I used to shoot most of the images in the exhibition and named the event likewise. I had many ideas, which needed special handling and specific equipment. Many fast movements had to be frozen to be able to perfectly express the story behind each image. Dancers, athletes, liquids and many small objects had to be shot while jumping, running, splashing, flying and sometimes combining all these actions into one shot. It took some efforts and I needed some assistance


“I found this assistance in Move. I am pretty happy with the results and pretty happy to exhibit them. I am absolutely sure that this only one of the many events that will come out to be from my beautiful friendship with Move.“

Lyubomir Sergeev