Fabian Rodrigues: A Reflection of the Skateboarding Movement


Fabiano Rodrigues was born in Santos, São Paulo, 1974. He approached photography through skateboarding, first appearing in photographs as a professional skateboarder, while performing maneuvers throughout Brazil and Europe.
 The interest in composition, in motion capture and architecture, propelled him to photograph other skaters in the city, so as to be recognized both as a photographer and as a skater.


In search of a language capable of accomplishing his expressions and performance ambitions, Fabiano has been creating his own self portraits of skateboarding performances since 2010. Shooting with a Hasselblad camera using a remote control, he records the apex of his own motion in a previously planned framework. These photographs are always one off prints, exploring the history and repertoire of skateboarding movements, particularly its relationship with the city, its architecture and urban furniture.

In his choices of locations, there is a special interest for architectural landmarks, such as buildings designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Fabiano was awarded the Banco Espírito Santo Acquisition Prize in 2012 and 2013 consecutively, having two of his works donated to the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo Collection, which were further showed at the exhibition: Arte Contemporanea Brasileira in Estação Pinacoteca. His artistic relationship with this institution provided Fabiano with the opportunity to create a series of photos and maneuvers inside the museum, proposing a new exchange of body interaction and outlook, with the award-winning revitalization project, by yet another renowned architect, Paulo Mendes da Rocha.



From this experience, followed a series of skateboarding and photographs taken within Art Institutions, such as The MALBA,Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, MAC São Paulo, Poznan, Cultural Centre in Poland. 
Fabiano Rodrigues will be exhibiting his potographs at the First Bienal of Photography, MASP Pirelli in São Paulo, curated by Ricardo Rezende from 14 august 2013.


Says Fabiano of his work…

“Im self taught photographer. At first, it is the fun of skating and photographing at the same time, but as a project, its producing a photo shoot in an artistic way, where the picture comes in the first place, and the trick is what matters the least. I want to shoot the majority of the photos in natural light, and always taking the architecture of the spot into consideration. Its hard doing the trick and clicking at the right time, but its so much fun… as is everything that involves skateboarding.”


“All the photos are only one copy, cotton paper, 1,10 x 1,47.”


An avid fan of Hasselblad’s image quality, Rodrigues discusses the equipment he uses for his self portraits.

“A Hasselblad H4D-31, whith 80mm f/2.8, lens adapter, and fish eye 30mm f/3.5, tripod and wireless remote shooter.”


Inspired by people such as Jerri Rossato Lima, Fernando Martine Ferreira, and Renato Custódio, Rodrigues is constantly creating. He loves everything about the process of the work he creates.


“There’s no worst part! I just love skateboarding and photography…. So, Im feeling very blessed….”





To see more of Fabiano’s work, visit the sites below: