Caesar Lima “Steampunks” Papercut Magazine


Steampunk – a word describing steam-powered machinery, western fantasy, rebellion in a quasi-Victorian world and a subculture where antique meets contemporary, is the focal point of this collection. Award-winning fashion photographer Caesar Lima’s “Viva la Revolución!” photo ensemble for Papercut Magazine turned many heads. The model clads mad scientist glasses, a metal headpiece,  provocative black gloves that reach the elbows, and an erotic fashion mystique known only as industrial-chic. Or, as Lima describes, “when steampunk, fantasy and high fashion unite.”

Steampunk – Viva la Revolución! from Caesar Lima on Vimeo.

Since 1991, Caesar has been mixing simplicity with edginess to create a stunning portfolio. Caesar Lima is a master of creating fresh, unique and visually stimulating work and finding ways to push the limits of photography and design. His repertoire features photos of feline fatale Catwoman, athletes on an all-black background, and the T-Mobile alter-ego campaign and commercial featuring a pink and black Ducati. He attributes the uniqueness of his work to his “non-purist” inclination and imagery. Caesar has recently received multiple accolades and awards including four IPA Awards in 2012, one IPA Award in 2011, Archive 200 Best, 2010 IPA Awards, 2010 PX3 in Paris, 2009 IPA Award and 2009 Addy Award to name a few.

In Caesar’s own words:

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, crazy about photography, technology and soccer, have a studio in Los Angeles. I do a lot of conceptual photography in the beauty and fashion industry, and a little bit of still life, we’ve been shooting a lot of people. I love to work with a big crew and enjoy working with a creative group. ie. models, make up artists, stylists, hair people, art directors etc…

I have a BA in Advertising. I should be working as an art or creative director, but when I was in school (the first time I’ve stepped into a professional studio), I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I felt in love with the equipment, cameras and the whole mood.

I started shooting in Brazil assisting a couple photographers. Then, in 1984, I had an opportunity to come to Los Angeles for the Olympics and liked it so much that I moved to LA in 1985. I opened a studio in my garage and start shooting lots of product for advertising. I research a lot and I try to develops new – unique looks, I do test a lot I love to play with lighting.

[My photo heroes are] David LaChapelle, Richard Avedon, Jill Greenberg, Mario Testino, Annie Leibovitz and Miro + Luis Crispino in Brazil but also I follow Marc Newson, Philippe Starck, Rashid and Jonathan Eve – amazing designers.


Learning from the Pro


What are we going to shoot today?

Steampunk inspired fashion shoot for Papercut Magazine with amazing furniture / props by Mark Silka. The model is Cherish Waters from Pinkerton Models. The model is young and has great skin.


I need drama. Lighting has to be moody with lots of shadows. I need attitude from Cherish…I will make her jump, scream and cry we need to tell a story visually without words, that’s the trick.


How did you learn how to do what you are about to show us?

Doing it, but in every shoot I do I try something new something different, something not planned.


What tools are you using to make this image?

My weapon is my new Hasselblad H4D with the 100mm lens. My belief is that you should use the best equipment you can afford; it’s very important to be able to use the best tools on the market.


Caesar Lima Photography