Photokina 2012 Recap

Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany, finished last Sunday. The world’s leading imaging fair hosted the biggest names in the photo industry, and Hasselblad, broncolor, Sunbounce, Sun-Sniper, Kobold, Visatec and FOBA were on hand to announce their innovative new products. 185,000 visitors from around the globe came to Photokina this year, marking it as one of the biggest years in history.

Big buzz came from the Hasselblad corner. Hasselblad announced the Lunar, an exclusive, luxury mirrorless camera.  Available in carbon fiber, natural wood and Italian leather, the Lunar can also be custom ordered in an array of colors and materials.  It packs the highest technology APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25AF points focusing matched to an Ultra fast Processor with real time image processing and accurate RAW to JPEG translation. The new camera brought thousands of visitors to the stand, and many got to put their hands on the first Lunar prototype.

The Hasselblad Lunar Prototype

The Hasselblad stand at Photokina

The "Catwalk"

The Hasseblad H5D also made its first public appearance since its announcement on September 9, 2012. The H5D is regarded as the “next generation” of H series cameras. The H5D Series will be available as models with 40, 50 and 60 megapixels as well as 50 and 200 megapixel Multi-Shot versions and will start shipping in December 2012.

Testing out the H5D with Hasselblad Product Manager, Ove Bengtson

Broncolor showcased the new Move 1200 L lithium battery power pack with a new, stylish black exterior and protection bumpers guarding the outside edges. With 9 stops of ECTC color-balanced, asymmetrical power adjustment across the two lamp outlets and flash duration t 0.1 1/8500 s t 0.5 1/20,000 s, the Move is a 1200 ws portable location pack with the heart of a Scoro. The Move is available as a one or two head kit and comes standard with an Outdoor Trolley Backpack and weatherproof Power Pack Soft case.

The New broncolor Move 1200 L

The broncolor, Kobold and Visatec booth at Photokina


Checking out the Move 1200 L

The Para 170 and 220 receives an upgrade, expanding on the open system philosophy of the broncolor line. The Para  177 and 222  now use the focusing system developed for the Para 88. The new focusing system allows for the integration of not only broncolor and kobold strobes and HMIs but also heads from Profoto and K5600 with the quick-release bayonet mounting system.  The new Paras come standard with a pin mounting system for diffusers and grids, and also feature a new titanium ribbing and full metal backing plate.

The Para 177 reflector

Para 222 reflector and Ringflash


Sunbounce introduced the new Bounce-Wall, and photographers were able to come into the booth and shoot with it and our model.

Testing out the Sunbounce Bounce-Wall

Bounce-Wall shooting with model

Sun-Sniper featured the Pro-II, with a new, stylish Zig-Zag Shock Absorber:

Foba featured an array of  new products including the TURNO and TURNI, two new turntables in medium and small, respectively, and the FOBA DIMIC shooting table, the smallest shooting table of the family.

New FOBA products: QR plates and ball heads

Testing out the FOBA TURNA

To learn about all the new products released at Photokina, please visit here.