What is broncolor HS?

broncolor HS is an added feature for select broncolor flash packs and monolights that allows you to sync up to 1/8000s on Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems.

What is required for broncolor HS?

broncolor HS requires an RFS2.2 transmitter for Canon, Nikon, or Sony and a compatible flash. Currently, Siros 800L, 400L, 800S, 800 WiFi / RFS2, and Move 1200L are compatible.

What lights support broncolor HS?

Currently broncolor HS is supported via HS mode on Siros 800L, 400L, 800S, 800 WiFi / RFS 2, and Move 1200L.

Is broncolor HS TTL?

No, broncolor HS utilizes the same hot shoe connection as a TTL flash, but the power level is not affected by the camera’s metering system. broncolor HS will not adjust the power output of the flash unit automatically, but you can still manually adjust the power with an RFS2.2 transmitter.

What situations are broncolor HS best for?

broncolor HS is best for with mixed ambient or existing light to provide control over the image. Shooting outdoors with narrow depth of field (f/2.8, f/1.4), darkening sunlight, or eliminating existing light are all scenarios where broncolor HS comes in handy.

Does broncolor HS diminish the power output of the light?

No, the power output of the light is unaffected in HS mode. While you may have to adjust to compensate for camera exposure settings, you still retain the maximum amount of light output from your lights with, or without HS.

Am I limited to certain power levels with broncolor HS?

In HS mode on Siros and Siros L, power levels 4-10 are available. On Move 1200L, power levels 6-10 are available.

Does broncolor HS affect color consistency?

A small influence on color temperature occurs in HS mode, however when mixed with ambient light this is not as noticable. For instance in bright sunlight (where HS excels), a color shift is negligible.

Does broncolor HS affect battery life?

In most cases, HS does not have a significant impact on battery life, or number of flashes per charge of the battery.

What about brightness gradation with broncolor HS?

In studio conditions, a certain degree of brightness gradation may occur on the frame. This varies from camera to camera, and is a result of the curtain-shutter design. When mixed with existing light, this gradation is much less noticeable.