Can I use my broncolor flash anywhere in the world?

Yes, all current Broncolor flash units are compatible with worldwide voltages. In the case of the Senso power packs you must select the appropriate voltage (either 120v or 230v) with a switch on the side of the pack. With all other current Broncolor power packs, monolights and battery chargers the voltage regulation is done automatically. You will need to use a proper wall plug adaptor (not a voltage transformer) to be able to plug the power cord from the light (or battery charger) into the wall outlet in the country you are traveling to. Wall outlet configurations vary greatly from one country to another. Another important thing to remember is that with a few exceptions, you must change the modeling lamp to the proper voltage. For example, flash heads that are purchased in the USA come fitted with 120volt modeling lamps, if you want to use them in other parts of the world such as Europe, you would need to install 230volt modeling lamps. These 230volt modeling lamps can be purchased from your broncolor dealer. Always check the electrical voltage in the country you are traveling to and ensure you have installed the correct voltage modeling lamp; otherwise damage can occur. Some Broncolor units do not require you to change the modeling lamp and can be used as is anywhere in the world. These units include the MobiLed, Siros, and Siros L.

What is the difference between RFS anCan I travel on airlines with the batteries from my broncolor strobe power pack?d RFS2

FLYING WITH LITHIUM ION BATTERIES AND THE SIROS L OR MOVE 1200 L ON DOMESTIC AIRLINES The New Broncolor Siros L and Move 1200 L units feature the latest in battery technology which is Lithium Ion In the case of the Siros L it is 28.8 volts / 2.5 Ah / 72 Wh In the case of the Move 1200 L it is 14.4 volts / 6.6 Ah / 95.04 Wh There are some regulations to consider when traveling on domestic airlines: .

1. Batteries that are installed in the flash unit are allowed in both carry on or checked baggage without any quantity restrictions.

2. Spare uninstalled batteries are permitted in carry on baggage as long as they are protected against short circuit* without any quantity restrictions.

3. Spare uninstalled batteries are forbidden in checked baggage.

*Battery terminals must be protected from short circuit (i.e., the terminals must not come in contact with other metal). Methods include: leaving the batteries in their retail packaging, covering battery terminals with tape or putting them snugly in a plastic bag or protective pouch.

****It is always advisable to consult with your individual airline as some may have, especially for international travel, more restrictive rules****