Why would I use a F focusing tube verses a FT focusing tube with the Para reflector system?

The F focusing tubes are designed to be used with many different lampheads via a specific adaptor. Adaptors available include ones designed for Broncolor or Profoto flash heads as well as a universal adaptor that allows the use of almost any manufacturers flash head. We also offer adaptors for Broncolor and K5600 brand HMI lights. The FT focusing tubes are designed specifically for either the Broncolor FT1600 HMI or the Broncolor FT1000 Tungsten continuous lights only. One of the great things about the Para system is that you can change from one type tube to another, giving you maximum versatility in your lamphead choices, all while using the same Para reflector.

What do the Para diffuser numbers represent?

There are three different diffusers available for each size Para reflector.

Diffuser 1, diffuser 2 and diffuser 3. The higher the number, the denser and more apparent the level of diffusion is.

Diffuser 1 = ¼ stop of light reduction

Diffuser 2 = ½ stop of light reduction

Diffuser 3 = 1 stop of light reduction

How does focusing a Para FB work?

The focusing device is integrated into the Para FB umbrella. The aluminum rod on a Para FB provides continuous fine adjustment, and lamp support serves for focusing the light source by sliding the lamp head parallel to the optical axis. The focusing device on the Para FB makes it possible to use different light angles. In addition to simply focusing, the device also contains asymmetric adjustment possibility, which permits to swivel the lamp head of the umbrella in a particular radius away from the optical axis or directly forwards. This enables to choose a different light characteristic.