Featured: Foba’s Cable-Catcher

Manufactured by Foba, the BALTE and BALPE are universal quick-release plates that feature a cable-lock – a simple yet important innovation.   You won’t need to worry about cables being yanked from your camera, damage to ports or missed shots from pulled cables.

Whether your camera is attached to a tripod, or handheld, the 2 channels on the plate’s body snap the cables in place and tuck it neatly between the plate and your camera’s body.

Both BALTE and BALPE  (1/4 inch screw, 3/8 inch screw, respectively) are made for larger DSLR or medium format cameras, the specially designed plates are universal and will work with Arca-Swiss-style heads for a steadfast connection.   The plate fits ball heads such as: Foba M-1, M-2 or Mini Superball and the original Foba Superball with quick release mount.

The concept is simple: the protective “cable-catching” feature is  two channels cut into its aluminum body.   There are  two channel sizes to ensure compatibility with USB, Firewire 400 and 800. Three rubber pads on the plate ensure the tightest connection to your camera and provide a buffer between the two.

Manufactured to the highest quality, these QR plates are a perfect addition to your kit.