Can I use broncolor light modifiers with Kobold HMI heads?

The Kobold Softbox adapter has a broncolor Pulso bayonet mount and allows safe use of many broncolor lighting modifiers.  There are a few exceptions.  Broncolor reflectors are designed for use with strobes.  Strobe heads generate much less heat than HI heads.  So some modifiers are not appropriate for use with HMI.

Compatible with Kobold 200w and 400w fixtures

The most popular supported reflectors are :

Silver Beauty Dish (white beauty dish may discolor)
Para FB 170/220/330′
P70/P65/P45  These reflectors may be used without restriction, but use of tight grids on P70 may cause the unit to go into thermal shutdown after some time).

Of course use common sense.  Fabric softboxes that aredesigned for strobes will burn up under the heat of HMI.

See the broncolor catalog for a full compatibility chart.

What is the color coding of the filters and reflectors in Kobold kits?

Let’s really simplify this answer for those of you with no familiarity with tools for HMI: Types of Reflectors:

  • Open face – A dimpled reflector that is usable without filters of lenses – great for run and gun type of work.  Used extensively in the broadcast industry.
  • PAR – A reflector with highly polished surface.  Designed for maximum light output.  Usually requires the use of scrims or reflectors

Lenses for PAR Reflectors:

  • Blue Handle: PAR Super Spot
  • Black Handle: PAR Medium Spot
  • Green Handle: PAR Medium Wide
  • Red Handle: PAR Super Wide

Screen Scrims – Metal screen scrims:

  • Red Ring Color – Double Scrim
  • Green Ring Color  – Single Scrim

Fresnel Lens : Concentric Circles to Fresnel pattern

  • Greyish White Color Handle – Fresnel Lens

Conversion Filter Tungsten:

  • Red Handle on Yellowish-Orangish – Blue Tint Coating Lens – Converts HMI to 3200K Tungsten

Diffusion Filter:

  • White Handle – Diffusion Filter

Kobold reflectors can be changed on any Kobold HMI fixture to do a tool free conversion from PAR to Open face reflectors.  Kobold also has a bayonette tool free adaption to a SourceFour adapter (Tool is required to screw a plate to the S4, but is easily removed from S