Still photography in motion with Ryan Enn Hughes

Ryan Enn Hughes is a motion picture director and photographer based in Toronto, and has made a big splash in the photo and video industries when he began shooting what he likes to call “interdisciplinary,” media.  His curiosity of motion arts was spurred from the partnership of both video and photo interests, connecting still photos with quick-motion, and creating something to the likes of stop-motion animation.

His latest creation, “C-Walk,” which features Krump dancer Amadeus Marquez, is a new edition to his ever-growing collection of high-speed photographic-videos: “’C Walk’ features dancer Amadeus Marquez performing in the Crip Walk dance style. This project was shot entirely with sequenced still photographs (Canon EOS 1DIV) and lit with photographic strobe lights (Broncolor Scoro A4S). It is an extension of the process I used to create ‘RGB Move’ ( and ‘Ballet!’ ( Adding to the process, I animated each photograph frame by frame to achieve the final aesthetic of ‘C Walk’.”

Some of Hughes’s other animations have included works with titles: “RGB Move,” “Jolly Jumper,” “Fish,” and “Ballet” that were shot with the help of co-director Arash Moallemi. Marquez was also featured in “RGB Move,” which features a similar style as “C-Walk” that utilizes what Hughes calls “the study of the human body in motion.” Krump dancing provides the basis for “speed and timing” that was indicative of a movie that consists entirely of still photographs. He used broncolor’s Scoro A4S; he wanted to use strobe lighting because it “opened up the possibility to play with lighting in a new way.”

Ryan Enn Hughes Photography