Broncolor: The Light Video Series: Senso

The broncolor Senso powerpack is every photographer’s dream: it is a lightweight system that is super adjustable and, true to its name, sensible. The next video from the broncolor: The Light video series featuring Amber Gray and Julian Bernstein is entitled “Senso” and is an as straight-forward-as-you-can-get review of the broncolor Senso power pack.

The Senso is, by far, the best start into the broncolor system. Senso comes in 2 forms: the A4, a 2400 w unit, and the A2, a 1200 w unit. They feature asymmetrical and symmetrical power, a 6.5 f-stop range, RFS 2 triggering system, short flash duration and fast charging time. Max output is 2400 J and min. output is 26 J with the Senso A4, or 1200 J and just 13 J for the Senso A2. Made for about any adventurous situation you can dream of, the Senso is lightweight, compact and extremely rugged. In addition, the 2400 w Litos lamp head was developed especially for the Senso with an umbrella reflector as its head cap, and a compact body ready for on-location work.