Broncolor: The Light Video Series: Optical Reflectors

Photographer and director Amber Gray, and cinematographer and lighting designer Julian Bernstein are featured in a new series of lighting videos on the Bron Video Group on Vimeo.  broncolor: The Light videos are designed to help photographers define their toolbox.  Each light shaper has a specific light characteristic; this series will explain the light quality produced by the key light shapers in the broncolor arsenal, as well as some of the advanced features and functionality of the broncolor packs.

“Opticals” is the first of a series featuring Amber Gray and Julian Bernstein. This video is an overview of the broncolor optical light modifiers including the Pulso-Spot 4 and the Flooter. The Pulso-Spot 4 is a 3200 W flash head that is compatible with broncolor packs and designed to create sharp and precise projection.  Optical spots are available for user creativity, and allows the Pulso to be used for background effects with optical attachments such as the Optical Snoot and fresnel lens. However, when a narrow light angle isn’t needed and larger objects are being photographed, the Flooter is perfect for giving you that contrast and dramatic lighting effect. The Flooter is the largest fresnel spot that broncolor has to offer, producing light with a spot characteristic that has unique qualities such as homogenous light distribution and adjustable light spread. It is compatible with Pulso and Lito flash heads as well as Kobold HMIs with the broncolor adapter.

More about the photographer:

Originally from Northern California but now based in NYC, Amber Gray is known for her eclectic taste in the photographic elements and her unique outlook on modern photography.

Gray’s photographic collection includes conceptual, beauty, fashion and ad photography as well as film and video. Among many, some of her clients include Maybelline, Sony and Marie Claire. Gray partners with Julian Bernstein, who specializes in lighting design and cinematography.

Gray’s recent work includes a series for Marie Claire China called “Waterworks” in which the photos contain an Amazon-style set with waterfalls, animals, wild flowers, and an alluring mysticism.

This is none-from-the-ordinary for Gray, however. The characters portrayed in Amber Gray’s work inhabit a world more colorful, dramatic, and whimsical than our own. Strong, beautiful women burst forth from narrow, mile-high staircases and mysterious gypsy girls conjure black stallions from fire. From “Night Swimming” to “Distorted Beauty,” Amber’s sense of humor and penchant for glam-rock peek through the controlled chaos revealing unique, memorable, and bewitching personalities.

Although she has focused primarily on photography, Amber has recently turned her attention to film with commercial video for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent campaigns. She is in the midst of directing her own short film.

Amber Gray Photography

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