What is a broncolor mini-satellite reflector and how does it work?

A mini-satellite is the smaller version of the Satellite Evolution. It is an extremely high output and an adjustable light angle. The Satellite and mini-satelite reflectors provide a great imitation of sunlight and can be used to project a shaft of light across a large distance with minimal light spill.

The mini satellite provides a focusing shaft to allow a mounted lamphead to travel back and forth to provide focusing.  The Mini-Satellite should be used with a small collar mounted to Pulso and Unilite lampheads to prevent light spill from the lamphead.  When using a focusable Pulso lamphead you also have a second focusing mechanism in the lamphead that allows precise control over the focus.

In the focusing block of the lightning bolt represents how to position the Pulso head focusing dial to optimally place the flash tube in the lamphead for a given position of the head on the focusing rod.  Since the modeling light is in a different position as the flash tube, the bottom row showing the lightbulb shows you how to focus the head to see the effect of the actual flash from the modeling light.