Sinar Launches New 48.8 MP Back and More at Photokina 2010

Sinar is back! After their recent move from sleepy Schaffhausen up in the north of Switzerland (home of the sinar evolution 86 h 48 megapixel multishot backwatchmakers like IWC) down to one of the most up and coming hip neighborhoods in the  bustling city of Zurich the new Sinar Photography is on a serious roll.

At Photokina this year they are launching a host of new products.  So far they have released a few of them.  But we know that there are a few surprises yet to come at Photokina next week in Cologne, Germany.

eVolution 86H

The first new product is a game changer for Sinar.  For the last few years the Sinarback eVolution 75 H has been the gold standard for extremely accurate tonal and color reproduction for the most exacting photographers.  So this year Sinar spent its time carefully building a next generation eVolution back…building on the image quality of the 75 H.  the new eVolution 86 H sports multishot capabilities on a 48.8 million pixel chip.   The 86 H not only guarantees optimal picture quality and color reproduction, but also allows you to take full advantage of the time, cost, and coordination benefits of an efficient digital workflow with Sinar’s integrated view camera systems and software tools.
The Sinarback eVolution 86H has the same design as the eVolution 75H.  The back is a cost effective workhorse for tethered shooting.  The design abandons components such as LCD display and onboard memory in favor of shooting speed and picture quality.   The back has a Firewire 800 (IEEE 1394B) connection, and new state of the art data exchange between camera, digital back and computer, as well as faster live imaging.   Dual Peltier and fan cooling ensures optimal continuous operation, even when things heat up during studio work. The cooling system also increases product service life, further protecting the investment of photographers who choose the Sinarback eVolution 86H.

In 1-shot mode, the Sinarback eVolution 86H has an image file size (RAW) of 105 MB. In the 290 MB 4-shot mode, controlled color overlays specifically reduce the color moiré effects and make color interpolations superfluous.
Universally usable, the back can quickly be adapted to various view- and medium format cameras with the same system of adapter kits utilized for the Sinarback 75H and 54M/MC systems.

The 86H is expected to ship shortly after Photokina.

Geek Details below:

eVolution 86H Specifications
Application Digital camera back for 1- and
4-shot exposureswith all types of light sources
CCD sensor type Dalsa FTF 6080 C, RGB Mosaic
Filter,Full Frame Technology
Active sensor size 48.0 x 36.0 mm
Sensor resolution 8082 x 6042 pixels, 48.8
million pixels
CCD pixel size 6 x 6 μm
Image ratio 4:3
File size RAW (16 bit DNG) 1-shot 105 MB, 4-shot 290 MB
File size 48 bit TIFF 288 MB
File size 24 Bit TIFF 144 MB
Capture rate Up to 13 images per minute
Live image Yes
Exposure time 1/4000 to 32 seconds
Dynamic range (contrast) 12 f-stops
Digitalization 48 bit (16 bit per color
Cooling Peltier and fan
Nominal sensitivity ISO 50 (adjustable from 50 to
Piezo micro-scanning Yes
Interface 1x IEEE 1394B Firewire (800
Power supply Alternatively via Firewire or
external 12 volt power supply
Operation mode Tethered (data storage via
Firewire cable directlyon hard disk)
Exposure software Sinar CaptureShop™ 6 and
Dimensions 90 x 85 x 73 mm
Weight 500 g
Camera adapters Sinar p3/p2/p/x cameras, arTec,
m series, Hy6, Sinarcam 2Contax 645 AF;
Fuji GX 680 I, II, IIIHasselblad V, H1, H2Mamiya RZ 67/Pro II, RB 67,
645 AFD, AFD II, 645 Pro, Pro TLRolleiflex 6001, 6003, 6008, 6008
Integral, 6008 Integral2, 6008 AFAny non-Sinar 4×5″ view cameras via
Graflock adapter
Computer requirements (recommended) Apple Macintosh w/ Intel Core
Duo 2 GHz or faster, OS 10.4.11 or higher (preferable 10.6.4), 4 GB RAM,
IEEE 1394b Interface

The Sinarback eVolution 86H will be delivered with the following items:
• Sinarback eVolution 86H
• CD with Sensor Reference Data
• CD with Sinar CaptureShop Software
• Firewire Cable 1394b, 4.5m
• Sinarback Piezo Calibration Chart
• Gray Card
• White Shading Diffusor 100
• Digital Cleaning Kit