Flexibility of Broncolor and Kobold Together – All in the Family

We get a lot of questions about our HMI products.  Kobold HMI is our flagship HMI line.  We also sell broncolor HMI products.  But everyone wants to know what works with what products.    …Well pretty much everything works with everything else.

Heads:  The Broncolor HMI heads are fan cooled.  The fan makes the HMI head compatible with a broader array of light modifiers, but makes the unit generally unsuitable for use in video production (fan noise=bad).    The Kobold DW HMI head does not have a fan, in fact it has no moving parts – it is completely sealed and weatherproof.  The Kobold DW HMI heads are by far the toughest HMI heads on the market.

Ballasts:  The Kobold 400/575/800 Ballast will work with the broncolor HMI. The Kobold heads will work on the broncolor HMI ballast as well.

Light Modifiers: Kobold has a a wide variety of light modifiers screen scrims, barn doors, open face reflectors, par reflectors, par lenses, conversion lenses, diffusion filters, softbox adapters and more.  And broncolor has an absolutely massive array of light modifiers.  So here is where we have a limitation.  The broncolor HMI heads will take most broncolor strobe reflectors with some limitations.  The limitations are due to fire hazards.  Some softboxes and other sealed reflectors will simply be too dangerous to use with HMI because of heat or the small size of the mofifier.  So a few are not recommended for use with HMI.  Another limitation of the broncolor HMI head is that it will not take Kobold reflectors.  The Kobold 200 and 400 heads, on the other hand, will accept Kobold reflectors and most broncolor reflectors with the same fire hazard limitations that apply to the broncolor HMI heads.  Simply use the Kobold broncolor adapter (pictured below).  Come see the whole thing in action if you happen to be coming to Photokina 2010 next week.