Ryan Enn Hughes Combines Moving & Still Images for the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to get a few words from Ryan Enn Hughes about his latest video project for the Winter Olympics.  Here is Ryan’s input below:

In late 2009 I was commissioned by The Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad to create a film project that “celebrated the human body in motion”.

Experimenting and collaborating closely with Krump Dancer Amadeus Marquez, I wanted to capture the energy of his dance form in a unique way.

The final project – RGB MOVE – was shot entirely with digital still photographs and lit with photographic strobes. It is a motion project that blurs the lines between photography and filmmaking.


I have always been drawn to interdisciplinary production – combining the best tools and methods from a variety of media. Adding Broncolor’s Scoro A4S into the mix when conceptualizing RGB MOVE, allowed us to push technical boundaries, and in turn craft an aesthetic for the project that captured the energy of our subject.

Ryan Enn Hughes – RGB Move – Behind-the-Scenes from Westside Studio on Vimeo.

RGB MOVE is presently being screened across Vancouver by CODE Motion Pictures.

Ryan Enn Hughes

A Special Thanks to Dave at Amplis in Canada for turning us on to Ryan’s work.  This video also available on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Cultural Committee Site.