Learning From the Pros : Melissa Marie Hernandez

What are we going to shoot today?

This is a portrait I was commissioned to do for new clients Joanne and Fred. I always want to have the final product reflect the people’s personalities and after getting to know the two of them… they like to have fun, they’re quirky and they both love to sing and dance. They are truly in love with each other so we wanted to do something intimate, but keep it light, so we went with a fun bubble bath.

What tools are you using to make this image?

For this image, I used one Unilite with a medium softbox to light Fred and one Unilite with the Beauty Dish to light Joanne. I put a third Unilite with a softbox in front to light the bathtub and to kick a little bit more light on their faces. The two side Unilites were powered by a 2400w Verso A4 and the third bathtub Unilite was powered by a Nano A2. I shoot with Nikon and I do my post in Photoshop.

Props and setting always play a big part in my shoots. So now we needed lots of constant foam and bubbles. We rented a bubble machine for bubbles in the air and we used an air compressor rig to keep the bathtub water constantly full of foam. Joanne and Fred were in that bathtub for a good hour and they were definitely prunes by the time they got out… but they were good sports about it!

Why did you choose these tools?

For me, it was an obvious choice. I’ve always been the type of person to buy the absolute best tool for the job… and I only like to buy once. That was the reasoning behind me going with Broncolor. I knew that broncolor was the best in the industry, so it was an obvious choice. Investing in my broncolor system has blown my photography through the roof!

What features of the equipment that you use make it easier to do your job?

I love the short recycle times of my Verso A4 and Nano A2… that is critical for when I’m shooting portraits. That really allows me to just keep firing away so I know I’m not missing any great moments or expressions!

Melissa Marie Hernandez

Thanks to Wayne Cozzolino for introducing us to Melissa! Wayne works for Calumet Photographic out of the Philadelphia location.

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