90,000 Watt Seconds in a Minute – The New Broncolor Flash Tube

Broncolor is always pushing the limits in its R&D lab.  This time they built a completely redesigned flash tube to match the speed and power of the Scoro power pack.  The physical limitations of legacy flashtubes simply could not keep up with the extremely fast recycling Scoro power pack, firing every 0.4 seconds, or producing up to 100 flashes per minute with 1600 ws each, and 50 flashes per second at lower power settings.

The R&D team’s target was to design a flash tube which not only handles up to 50 flashes per second, but also covers the Scoro’s 10 f-stops power output range (from 3.1 ws to 3200 watt seconds), and which continuously delivers light with consistent output from flash to flash and consistent color temperature across the range of output.

The new flash tube is the result of extensive research at Bron Elektronik AG.  Electrodes and metal alloys were newly adapted, new glass was selected, the gas mixture and pressure were altered and the electronics were optimized. This new development can not only flash more often and guarantee more true color, but it is also characterized by a high light output and a longer service life.    For comparison: the next best competitors’ state-of-the-art today, can supply approximately 20,000 ws per minute. The broncolor flash tube can supply 90,000 w/s per minute.  This additional load capacity not only ensure that you won’t be pushing your flash tubes to the limit thereby risking possible color shifts, output shifts, damage to the flash tube, or even damage to the flash head, but it also greatly enhances the service life of the tube making it last up to 5 times longer than the competition’s tubes.

The new flash tube is identifiable with a star * on the socket.

Actually it deserves at least 5 stars:

* flash sequences up to 50 flashes per second

* extremely short flash duration, up to 1/12 000 s at t0.5

* immense control range of 10 f-stops

* constant color temperature and light quantity over the entire 10 f-stops and

* long service life