Urs Recher Lighting seminars

4152_1095389559034_1655446864_221077_4179285_n“There is one thing I want you to walk away with from here tonight, break the rules.  Use equipment at different angles, use equipment on subjects that its not traditionally used on.”   This from Urs Recher, the broncolor photographer and lighting expert from Switzerland.   “What I’m trying to do here tonight is not to tell you what is right or wrong, that is for you to decide.  Whether you like or dislike the highlights, its your decision, you decide.”

Urs focuses on defining the characteristic of different broncolor light sources, the quality of the light and the way these sources react to the subject and environment.  The seminars aren’t based on formula shooting, but understanding the principles behind the tools so photographers are more free to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional photography.

Urs was in the states for a  three city tour demonstrating lighting techniques using the extensive line of broncolor power packs and accessories.  He covered the Para FB 220, Pico Lights, unorthodox softbox usage, ringflash as fill, and a host of other tips and tricks.

The tour included dates in NYC at Calumet in conjunction with ScheimpflÜg rental, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with TYE studios and in Dallas, Texas at Bolt Productions.

” Rarely have I ever come across an individual so well versed on a single subject.  Urs has broadened my understanding of light profoundly.  It was and “enlightening experience” to say the least…no pun intended.”   said Donna Peplin, owner TYE Studios of the Urs seminar.

In the NYC Calumet/ ScheimpflÜg rental seminar Urs demonstrated the use of the broncolor UV reflectors, an exclusive accessory to the line.   When used as a single light source the effect is a really cool silhouette with a glowing ethereal look.  Next out of the tool bag came one of those kids magic pens that only write on special  papers and gave our model a UV tattoo!  The possibilities with broncolor are endless.


Urs is coming back to the US in September 2009 for another week of seminars be sure to keep watch for the dates.