Animal Rescue Project + broncolor

Orlando-based photographer, Cristian Ruben, recently co-founded Animal Rescue Project, a foundation to serve animals in need and tell their story with photographs.

Cristian has been working in photography for over a decade and has always wanted to incorporate animals into his work. An avid animal lover and father to three dogs of his own, he created the Animal Rescue Project to combine his two passions: photography and animals. The project increases rescue awareness through photographs and documents the efforts of those who bring joy and comfort to creatures in need.

As part of the body of images, Cristian wanted to produce a flattering quality of light but knew that he’d have to plan for the animals moving around the set. The Para 133HR proved to be a perfect tool when combined with the Move 1200L. The variable quality of light and versatility of the Para helped Cristian create images that do justice to the hard work of the subjects.

“[The Para 133] is the best source for feathering, nothing compares. I love shooting outdoors and the control that I have with the modifier is unmatched. Investing in my craft meant having the best quality tools that would enable me to execute my vision.” states Cristian.

Because the stories often take him outdoors and on-location, the Move 1200L gave him the ability to create studio-quality light without the need for mains or outlet power. Ultimately, he hopes to take Animal Rescue Project to all 50 states, telling the story of animals saved in thanks to the love of devoted volunteers.

Cristian is very proud of this project and hopes to inspire people to follow their passion in imagery. Follow his project on his website here: and see more of his work at (@cristianruben).