This post was written by Dylan Furst and Rob Sese of Raincamp, a production and lifestyle brand company in Bellingham, Washington State.

Discovering the PNW with broncolor & Raincamp

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by fairytale like scenes. Different species of plants cover the forests and look as though they could be on another planet. Growing up with all of this in my backyard has given me a deep appreciation for these little details, naturally I have been drawn to document them to my fullest extent. A simple walk through the forest already feels like a movie, but with the use of the Broncolor Move Outdoor 2 Kit the forest turns into something of fantasy.

While I have been experimenting with the lights primarily for photos, I also wanted to create a cinematic video scene lit with the modeling lamps on the MobilLEDs. It took some experimentation, but I ended up setting one directly overhead and one on the ground. The overhead lamp added a nice spotlight effect and the lamp on the ground filled in the rest. I added some subtle motion effects and sounds in post production to assist the vision of an otherworldly feel.

Dylan Furst is a photographer and filmmaker from Bellingham, Washington State. Inspired by nature, he has developed his style with inspiration from the dark and rainy forests that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Rob Sese is a photographer from Chicago, Illinois, who recently made the move to Washington State to assist Dylan with his production company and lifestyle brand called Raincamp. You can view more of their work at and, or on Instagram @fursty and @rob.sese.