In the Artist Spotlight series, we discuss with a wide variety of image makers the methods of their work and how they use the best image making tools available from broncolor.

In the world of photography, sometimes you get your choice of subjects and sometimes you’re given a curveball. Photographer Brian Fox has mastered the art of thinking on his feet and creating beautiful, simple light that flatters a wide variety of subjects, to photograph them in a majestic but unexpected way. “My goal is to show a picture of themselves in a way they’ve never seen before.”

Image: Brian Fox /

Based in Central Florida, Brian Fox describes himself as a portrait and headshot photographer. Even though the last few years have been a steady flow of faithful clients, Brian is somewhat a newcomer to the world of photography.

After attending college on a football scholarship and studying business, Brian went on as a Quarterback in camp for two years with the New York Giants, and then Corporate Alliances at Disney.

“While working at Disney, I discovered underwater photography and from then I was hooked.” What started out as a side interest eventually turned into the successful business Brian runs today.

Image: Brian Fox /

Image: Brian Fox /

Part of achieving the relaxed natural images Brian captures includes a very choreographed interaction with the subject. “Maybe it’s my corporate background, but I have a heavy emphasis on the client experience. I want to exceed their expectation on the experience AND the photos they get.”

In a pre-consultation, he suggests subjects bring in 5-10 outfits, which they look at beforehand, While the subjects are in hair/makeup, Brian quickly sketches out the lighting scenarios that will flatter both the wardrobe and subject. “I sketch each setup on a sticky note.” This level of careful but swift planning allows him to move seamlessly throughout the shoot.

Working with the subjects, Brian focuses on putting them at ease in front of the camera. “As a male photographer, I photograph primarily women. It’s a great icebreaker to have a 6-foot 4 tall guy mirroring women’s beauty poses.”

Though working in Florida means his studio is gifted with a good amount of natural light, there is always a need for added light. For this, Brian turns to the broncolor Siros line of monolights.

Typically he lights with a Siros 800S Plug-In Monolight and Octabox 150, often times on a boom overhead. “I’m a research fiend and had been looking at other models. Even though I used the competition, the exposed flash head, having that makes a difference in the light modifiers and that was what pushed me over from other systems. ”

“I typically have it on a boom and light from over head. In this setup, the bron Control app saves me when I have to change the light. It makes it such a seamless process,” he noted.

Playing with the new studio toys. Can't wait to put these to work! #broncolor #siros #broncolorlighting

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Brian Fox is a portrait and headshot photographer based in Windermere, FL, serving the Central Florida area. You can find more of his work online at and follow him on Instagram as @BrianFoxPhotography, Facebook, and Twitter.