SURFACE Street Artist project by Søren Solkær – Next Stop: Los Angeles


SURFACE is a book and exhibition project that was started in August 2012. The aim is to portray the most significant figures in public and street art both on the contemporary scene as well as the pioneering figures. The book will be finished in 2014.

Søren has photographed over 70 artists within half a year, in locations stretching the globe – including Copenhagen, Stavanger, London, Newcastle, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. As he completes the project over the next 12 months, Søren intends to travel to Puglia, Miami, Sao Paolo, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Buenos Aires, L.A. and many other places.


“Due to the fence I needed to climb in order to get the spot where I wanted to shoot I decided to keep the lighting down to what I could carry on my back. The Move kit back pack includes a soft box and an umbrella. The sun was in a good position for my shot – behind me on the far left  –  but cast some very hard shadows on the two guys’ faces. I put up a pack with the kit umbrella from the right side to open up the shadows created by the sun.

The shot on the pavement in the street was done very impulsively as we had climbed back over the fence. No time for lighting, so I just used the available sunlight. As a result that image doesn’t have quite the same punch and clarity as the lit one on the roof.”


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